You go sailing on the Mississipi !
A drop of Dixieland
Two fingers of swing
A touch of dancing…

    And the   New Orleans Preachers  bring  Bourbon Street to  Nogent  in the purest of  Brass’Band  traditions of yesteryear. 
Jazz is on the move. It descends upon all the strategic areas of town and, with a great deal of drums and clarinets, brutal awakens our most deeply hidden festive instincts.

Created in Lorraine, 1965, in two quavers and three crotchets by several ‘enthusiasts’, the New Orleans Preachers have seen, with the passing of time, their members and enthusiasm renew themselves with fervour around Jean-Claude Maire, drummer and dynamic founder of the project, Gilles Pernet,  Etienne Florentin and Jean-Pierre Thomas.
    Proof, if needed, that  jazz is on its way back and unceasingly attracts new talent.
     In almost 45 years, this world renowned orchestra has developed an immense repertoire that livens up the stage of the biggest festivals at the side of some of the biggest names in the business. (Bill Coleman, Benny Waters, Nelson williams, Harold Singer, Mickey Baker, Sam Woodyard, Sun Ra, Memphis Slim, Champion Jack Dupree) 

   Brought to life by the solid cohesion of the rhythm section, soloists gaily play the keyboards, striped shirts and straw hats saucily cocked over the corner of their eyes. From Armstrong to Vian, the trumpet to the trompinette, all that swings feeds the vigour of this ageless  Brass’Band   As they pass through the streets, the entire city suddenly feels the desire to tap its feet and snap its fingers, animated by just one joyfully chanted slogan :
“One more time !...”